Our professional training courses prepare you to deliver and assess sustainable projects by becoming a CEEQUAL Assessor. As an assessor, you will drive improvements and deliver benefits such as waste minimisation, cost savings, and reduced carbon emissions.

Be responsible for tangible positive developments in infrastructure such as lower carbon footprints and enhanced ecological value.

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CEEQUAL – the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for infrastructure, civil engineering, landscaping, and public realm projects.

Why train with CEEQUAL?


The demand for sustainability assessment in the built environment is rising 20% annually.

CEEQUAL meets this demand across infrastructure and civil engineering projects, with more than 900 projects using CEEQUAL to certify their sustainability success. CEEQUAL projects need CEEQUAL assessors. By completing professional training with us, you will gain the skills to enable your projects to reach their sustainability goals and earn CPD training hours to take your professional development to the next level.

Most CEEQUAL training courses sell out within a week, so we recommend booking them as soon as possible.

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Why become a CEEQUAL assessor?


  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of CEEQUAL and its application

  • Be responsible for tangible positive developments in infrastructure like reduction of the climate impact

  • Learn directly from industry experts

  • Gain in-demand skills, enhancing your future employability prospects

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How does CEEQUAL work?


CEEQUAL is a self-assessment process, carried out by a trained CEEQUAL assessor. Using a CEEQUAL manual and an online assessment platform, the assessor assesses and records the scores and the evidence for them.

Completed sustainability assessments are externally verified by a CEEQUAL-appointed verifier. The result is a ratified CEEQUAL score and rating, and the certificate is awarded to all project partners.

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Clients use CEEQUAL because it helps drive sustainability and performance across civil engineering projects of all types and enables validation of this performance against an internationally recognised benchmark.

With more than 15 years of operational experience, CEEQUAL is the sustainability assessment tool of choice for industry professionals. Applicable to all types of civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects and contracts, CEEQUAL’s rigorous, evidence-based assessment criteria, and external verification, provides a PR worthy result.

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CEEQUAL Foundations

This course introduces you to CEEQUAL, the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm works.

Find out more about CEEQUAL Foundations Course

CEEQUAL for Infrastructure

CEEQUAL is the world’s first sustainability rating scheme for improving the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

Our CEEQUAL training courses teach you how to use CEEQUAL effectively to improve infrastructure.

Find out more about CEEQUAL V6 Course

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