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BREEAM Communities is the environmental sustainability assessment for neighbourhood scale developments. It enables planners, developers and design teams to deliver and certify sustainability in neighbourhood-scale projects by developing and verifying the sustainability framework at the planning and design stages.

Comprising of two modules delivered over 3 days, this comprehensive course provides an overview of BREEAM Communities and dives into the scheme’s technical content, as well as its assessment and certification process. This provides a practical understanding of the content and application of BREEAM Communities, enabling you to become a licensed BREEAM Assessor

After completing the course learners will be able to

  • Understand the international, national and local context for sustainable communities.
  • Understand and be confident in assessing the technical aspects of the BREEAM Communities scheme.
  • Understand the assessment process and support structures in place for the scheme and assessors.
  • Know when to use BREEAM Communities.
  • Meet sustainability and planning objectives with BREEAM Communities.
  • Understand the link between BREEAM Communities and building level assessment.
  • Understand BREEAM Communities’ technical aspects including timescales, phasing, assessment and scoring.

Successful completion of this course entitles you to apply to become a licensed BREEAM Assessor under the BREEAM Communities scheme.

At a glance

2 days

There are no pre-requisites to this course. As a comprehensive introduction to BREEAM Communities, it is particularly suited to:

  • Planning officers.
  • Consultants and developers   seeking to understand/use the scheme.
  • Those involved in delivering neighbourhood-scale developments and masterplans.

Both modules are required for those pursuing BREEAM Communities Assessor status. To become a licensed assessor, you must hold professional indemnity insurance.

This comprehensive training course includes 2 modules delivered virtually over 2 days, followed by an additional ½ day virtual examination:

Module 1 (Day 1)

  • An introduction to BREEAM Communities
  • The international, national and local context for sustainable communities
  • When to use BREEAM Communities and which projects are suitable
  • Meeting key sustainability objectives with BREEAM Communities
  • Meeting key planning requirements with BREEAM Communities
  • The links between BREEAM Communities and building level assessments.

Module 2 (Day 2)

  • Timescales, phasing and assessment
  • The technical aspects of BREEAM Communities
  • An introduction to the scoring tool
  • The assessor’s role
  • The assessment process
  • Using BREEAM Communities outside of the UK.


  • The BREEAM Communities technical paper
  • The BREEAM General Understanding paper

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